Sept. 23, 2009: Misleading mailings must be stopped


To The Editor:
I recently received a postcard from my congressman… or did I?
A week or so ago, a big glossy postcard about Medicare drug coverage arrived from Congressman Murphy… or so I thought. My friends and neighbors also received them and questioned why Murphy would be spending so much money on this sort of mailing. One friend was particularly concerned by the small gray type that said, “Paid for by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America” (PhRMA). Another friend called Murphy’s office and discovered not only had they not produced or mailed it… they were unaware of it all together.
On further research, I discovered PhRMA, a pharmaceutical lobbying group, has been generating its own mailings nationwide regarding health care legislation. I called PhRMA to give them an opportunity to explain this, but the operator sent me to their voice mail. I left a message saying I’d be writing this letter to my local paper.
While I support PhRMA’s right to voice their opinion, I object to their use of misleading tactics. This piece was designed to look like it came from Congressman Murphy’s office, when it didn’t. It only adds to the confusion. During these serious days of heated debate, I think we all have an obligation not to confuse, not to jump to conclusions but to serve clarity.

Lisa Tait,
New Kingston