Sept. 2, 2009: Blame the rich for resort problems


To The Editor:
John and Janet Fishkind latest — accusing Save the Mountain supporters of “extreme negativity toward development of the recreation and tourism component of our community,” ranks right up there with last week’s charge that we were happy the Galli Curci Theater reopening had fallen through. If you asked every person who has a Save the Mountain lawn sign in front of their house, I doubt you could find one who is against either reopening the Galli Curci Theater or recreation and tourism! To save the Fishkinds from another shot in the dark, I can tell them what one Save the Mountain supporter is against, 52 trophy timeshare houses on the top and an uunderground spa blasted into the side of Belleayre Mountain.
The AIP was tailor-made to the developer’s specifications but in too many particulars, it was a bad deal for residents, the environment and taxpayers. No one in Save the Mountain is opposed to tourism, recreation or movie theaters, only to giveaways to greedy developers.
We are hopefully emerging from a period in which corporations and the mega-rich got everything they wanted in this country. The banking and investment industries got deregulation; the pharmaceutical industry got to write the prescription drug bill; the oil companies got to write the nation’s energy policy. How have things turned out with the wolves guarding the henhouse? The economic downturn is not just local and it’s certainly not caused by citizen activists. If you want to blame someone, blame the corporations and the rich who have been running the show and squeezing this country dry for decades.

Matt Frisch,