Second Amendment Rights Violated


To The Editor:
It seems the NYS (un) Safe Act, is still a major topic over a year latter with law-abiding citizens.  I use the word unsafe because that is exactly what it is.  This was a knee-jerk reaction to a mass murder, pure and simple. Our governor had to quickly push this legislation into law without the normal review process and as a so-called “Measure of Necessity.” No cooling-off period nor true debate was done.   
This act does not address the root-causes of mass murder or gun violence in NYS nor will it make any one safer.  At best it is/was a feel good reaction.  The gun does not drive crime - it is the individual behind the gun that does. It violates our protected Second Amendment Right. This right pre-dates our constitution.
Thousands of law-abiding citizens who believe that our constitution has been violated are calling for a full repeal. Hundreds of thousands of letters, e-mails and petitions have been sent to Albany.  County after county have drafted resolutions to this fact.
This law disregards the need of our citizens to use weapons for home protection. These so-called military style assault weapons that have been banned are common semi-automatic rifles that are owned by millions of citizens all across this country. These are not assault weapons. This is media hype. Rifles and shotguns are not the weapons of choice of criminals.
Criminals and severely mentally ill individuals do not follow the rules. The limitation of seven rounds in a magazine is a purely arbitrary number and accomplishes nothing, except putting the law-abiding citizen attempting to protect himself and family at risk. Citizens with guns save lives each and every day.
We will not go quietly into the night. We will speak out and assembly to protest this law. Let freedom ring. God Bless America.
Richard Rossi, Denver