Science is needed to protect golden eagles


To The Editor:
Gloria Malloy (in last week’s paper) brought up a very good point regarding the importance of studying climate change. This is precisely why we are studying the flight habits of golden eagles. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels is key to addressing climate change, and wind power will be part of the solution.  
However, one argument against wind power is bird mortality, and wind turbines have proved deadly to golden eagles in particular. Wind companies need to be careful in the siting of turbines and are expected to use scientific data, including flight data, to determine sites.
However, there currently is not enough data on eastern golden eagle flight paths to guide the industry. Our study of area golden eagles will contribute to protecting the population of eastern golden eagles.  
This is a serious study conducted by Ph.D. students from West Virginia University in conjunction with the Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society. The optimal telemetery system and study methods are used to ensure the safety of the study eagles.

Peg DiBenedetto, Halcott