Santos works featured at Fleischmanns gallery


A long kept secret is now a world famous work of art! For decades, artist Alfredo Santos told no one of his major artistic achievement; including the years during his residence in Fleischmanns in the 1970s.  Recently, however, Santos has been receiving worldwide recognition for the murals he painted in the cafeteria of the San Quentin State Prison.

As a young man, Mr. Santos spent four years in the California prison on a drug charge. While an inmate, in collaboration with prison officials, he painted four 12 feet high by 100 feet long, murals depicting California history, which adorn the walls of the prison mess hall. Ashamed of his record, he told no one of this major artistic feat and few were aware of it outside of the inmates.

Last year with the opening of the Art Et Cetera gallery in Fleischmanns, Santos’ artwork was shown publicly for the first time in many years. Owners John and Gloria Mulloy researched the Santos legacy in and around Fleischmanns, and rescued scores of pieces from storerooms, attics and walls for show and some of which are available for sale. His graceful renderings include themes of bouquets of flowers bursting out of their wooden frames, owls and other birds shaped from pieces of found wood, city-scapes with three-dimensional bridges and faces painted on wood.

You may visit the Art Et Cetera gallery at 1164 Main Street in Fleischmanns to view its permanent “Santos Room” where many of the pieces are on display.