Roxbury turns back the clock on fun this weekend

Roxbury’s maple-lined Main Street is a living showcase of 19th-century architecture, with the entire hamlet on the State and National Register of Historic Places. On Saturday, Aug. 30 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., owners of some of Roxbury’s finest grand dames will graciously open their doors in a “once-a-year opportunity” to take a leisurely tour inside. Student docents will explain how these homes and their features reflected 19th-century life in this Catskills hamlet.
Architectural and cultural history are just one of many “agreeable pursuits of 1898” awaiting the whole family all Labor Day weekend (August 30-31) in Roxbury. From the children’s tent and Vaudeville entertainers to weaving and craft workshops to the fierce competition of vintage base ball, everyone in the family is sure to find their idea of 19th century fun. So mom, you can enjoy that house tour at your leisure, knowing that dad and the kids are enjoying a grilled sausage or ribs, watching the Roxbury Nine play 1898-style baseball, learning to weave on a table loom, or enjoying the antics of those comical and daring Clan Tynker acrobats and the roving mountain minstrels.

What’s new in Roxbury 1898? Get in the picture!
This ninth annual Turn of the Century Days includes some history-making new events, including a community portrait, which will be open to everyone in period dress, on both Saturday and Sunday. The portraits will be available the next day for purchase or pre-order. You can also have silhouette portraits or vintage family photos made either day on the spot. For the first time ever on Saturday, the adorable, child-size Gould-Shepard Playhouse will be open for children to come inside and enjoy Teddy Bear Teas.
Another history-making first is the Roxbury Nine Hall of Fame induction on Sunday afternoon, right before the Keator Cup championship base ball game at 1 p.m. Six founding veterans of the Roxbury Nine team will be honored as they retire. In addition, on Friday night’s exhibition game (August 29 at 5:30 in Kirkside Park) the Roxbury Nine will present a special tribute to former manager John McAlonen.

Back by popular demand
Saturday’s annual historic house tours have always been one of the most popular events of Turn of the Century Days. During the tours, you’ll be charmed by students steeped in local lore, docents of bygone days who will guide you through a 10-15 minute interpretation of the interior of these magnificent homes. You’re guaranteed to come away with extensive knowledge of these colorful, quixotic 19th-century homes that contribute so much to the personality of Roxbury. You’ll also see how current owners have lovingly restored their homes to adapt to modern use while still preserving the “bones” and charm of each property. Tours are $12 per person.
Visit for a complete schedule or call the Roxbury Parks Department at 607 326-3722.