Roxbury students get EMS training

Co-Captain EMT Karen Hinkley and members of the Grand Gorge Rescue Squad presented a volunteer recruitment program at Roxbury Central School on Wednesday, May 22 during EMS Week.

The presentation to Marie Windover’s junior class students began with the need for volunteers in New York State and how young people can make a difference. The personal satisfaction of helping friends and neighbors was highlighted. Legislation that provides NYS tax credits for fire and EMS volunteers was emphasized. A brief explanation of the training requirements for different levels of training beginning with Certified First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics was also discussed.

Students were provided a “hands-on” review of the many pieces of equipment used when responding to emergencies including the Stryker Stair Chair, pictured here, which makes moving patients easier when stairs are involved. Several of the Roxbury students are currently involved in their local fire departments. After the presentation, the students had a chance to do a walk-through of the squad’s 2006 Horton Ford ambulance. Assisting in the presentation/demonstration were EMTs Dottie Carroll and Krista Cross.