Roxbury Seniors Earn Graduation Prizes

Roxbury Central School graduation awards at commencement ceremonies on Saturday, June 27 were as follows:
PTSA Scholarships – Marlise Cammer and Nathaniel Liddle.
The Cronk Family Award – Karly Bolger.
Science Olympiad Awards – Gary Cooper, John Bolger, Jefferson Piasek and Karly Bolger.
Certificate from State of New York Office of the State Comptroller – Deseree Schuman.
Jim Cuttita Agency Award – Danyelle Greene.
Roxbury Teachers’ Association Educational Grants -Danyelle Greene, Karly Bolger, Marlise Cammer, Valerie DuMond and Nathaniel Liddle.
John and Jean Dugan Scholarship Award –Deseree Schuman.
Ralph Ives American Legion Award of Merit - Ryan Skipper and Jessica Utsler.
Lynn Cole Rivenburgh Award – Jamie VanDyke.
Grand Gorge Hose Company Award - Nathaniel Liddle.
Marjorie Webster Lutz Award – Farzeen Siddiqui.
Beatrice Hinman Hinkley Award – Jefferson Piasek.
Henry and Margaret Munsell Memorial Award – Deseree Schuman.
Greatest Effort in Fitness Through Physical Education Class – Ryan Skipper and Karly Bolger.
Roxbury Rotary Scholarship – Danyelle Greene.
Gregg Bookhout Memorial Music Award – Jefferson Piasek.
Linda Gregory Wagner Memorial Music Award – Karly Bolger.
Roxbury Fire Department Award - Nathaniel Liddle.
Roxbury Senior Citizens Home Ec Award – Danyelle Greene.
Roxbury Alumni Association Award – Jessica Utsler.
Earl B. Dudley Unit 686 American Legion Auxiliary Award – Ryan Skipper.
Todd Brainerd Memorial Art Scholarship – Nathaniel Liddle.
The National Bank of Delaware County Award – Ryan Skipper.
Delaware County ARC Scholarship - Farzeen Siddiqui.
Class of 2008 Graduation Award – Ryan Skipper.
The National Bank of Delhi Corporate Charitable Trust – Valerie DuMond.
Kirkside Award – Farzeen Siddiqui.
The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus Council #13222 Award - Jefferson Piasek.
Morse-Wilson Award –Valerie DuMond.
Keith Ely Award – Ryan Skipper.
Halcottsville Fire Dept. Award - Nathaniel Liddle.
The John B. Hewitt Memorial Scholarship - Valerie DuMond
Carolyn E. Allen Scholarship Award – John Bolger, Karly Bolger, Marlise Cammer, Matthew Cammer and Deseree Schuman.
Lucci Kelly Scholarship Award - Danyelle Greene and John Bolger.
New York State Lottery Scholarship –John Bolger.
Scholarship for Academic Excellence – Karly Bolger and Danyelle Greene.
The Walter D. Griffin Sr. Scholarship – Marlise Cammer.
Three Coca Cola Scholarships - Valerie DuMond, Deseree Schuman and Ryan Skipper.
Dollars for Scholars Awards - Matthew Cammer, Danyelle Greene, Nathaniel Liddle, Karly Bolger, John Bolger, Marlise Cammer, Jefferson Piasek, Ryan Skipper and Valerie DuMond.
Jean Marie Collin Memorial Scholarship – Marlise Cammer.
Jon Menne Jr. Scholarships - Marlise Cammer, Nathaniel Liddle and Ryan Skipper.
Jack Mesick Art Scholarships - John Bolger, Karly Bolger, Danyelle Greene, Deseree Schuman, Marlise Cammer and Matthew Cammer.
GRLIC Award – John Bolger.