Roxbury Junior High students second in Science Olympiad

A second place team trophy for the Junior High Science Olympiad Team at Roxbury Central School has earned the team a trip to the state finals on April 11 and 12. The team finished ahead of Goff Middle Schools “B” and “C” teams from East Greenbush and missed beating the Goff “A” team by only 26 out of 1,224 points. Goff returned from the National Invitational Tourn-ament in Washington, DC January 26, where they won the First Place Champion Trophy.
The 15 members of the team now have five weeks to finetune the 20 events they just competed in as they also pick up five new events. The new events will be Balloon Launch Glider, Crave the Wave, Food Science, Metric Mastery and Mystery Architecture.
Events results:
Anatomy: Silver Medal, Angela Perazone and Alexi Boice; Bio-Process Lab: Heather Reinshagen and Katie Fairbairn; Car of Tomorrow: Heather Reinshagen and Katie Fairbairn; Disease Detective: Bronze Medal, Kennedy Faraci and Bailey O’Donnell; Ecology: fourth place, Angela Perazone and Jennifer Wallace; Meteorology: Gold Medal, Tarah DiBenedetto and Brandi Carufe; Oceanography: fourth place, Tarah DiBenedetto and Brandi Carufe (and) fifth place, Brittney Bell and Steven Futterman; Reach for the Stars: fourth place, Megan Wallace and Abby Wallace; Reptiles and Amphibians: Silver Medal, Briana Sullivan and Miranda Cross (and) fourth place, Katie Fairbairn and Katie Dee; Road Scholar: Silver Medal, Meghan Wallace and Garrett Hall; Rocks and Minerals: Silver Medal, Mickey McAfee and Tarah DiBenedetto and Bronze Medal, Steven Futterman and Brittney Bell; Robo-Cross: Bronze Medal, Heather Reinshagen and Elaine Faison; Science Crime Busters: fifth place, Meghan Wallace and Abby Wallace; Science Word: Silver Medal, Tarah DiBenedetto and Meghan Wallace; Scrambler: Gold Medal, Garrett Hall and Jennifer Wallace; Shock Value: Angela Perazone and Alexi Boice; Simple Machines: fourth place, Abby Wallace and Angela Perazone; Tower Building: fourth place, Heather Reinshagen and Elaine Faison; Trajectory: Gold Medal, Garrett Hall and Mickey McAfee; Write It/Do It: Bronze Medal, Brittney Bell and Kaitlin Brew.
Kerrigan Kellerhouse and David Stewart were also participants on the “B” team. The team is coached by Fred Zimmerman, Fred Zerega, Jaime Kellerhouse, Cathy Rappleyea, Al Vigna and Joan Riordan.