Roxbury Constable Williamson back on the job

By Pauline Liu
Town of Roxbury Constable Steve Williamson was back on the job on Monday, eight days after he suffered a stroke and was airlifted to Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown. It didn’t take long for both his doctors and his family to realize that the 63-year-old constable was well on his way to recovery.

His boss and friend, Roxbury Supervisor Tom Hynes said that Williamson was released from the hospital late last week and spent a few days resting before returning to work. “I saw him today, he worked part of the day,” said Supervisor Hynes. “He looked a little tired, so I told him to stay at home and take it easy, get some rest, but he didn’t want to listen to me. He’s feeling strong and he wanted to get back to work.”

Williamson has served as Roxbury’s constable for 32 years. His doctor gave him a clean bill of health to return to the job, which he has been doing for almost half of his life.  “The doctor gave him clearance,” said Supervisor Hynes. “I think when you stay in the hospital for a few days, you just want to get back to what you were doing. I just hope he realizes he’s been through something major and you don’t get over something like that overnight.”

The constable, who has made some high-profile arson and robbery arrests over the years, had what the town supervisor described as an “ordinary day” on his first day back. There was no need to chase down suspects or make arrests. At press time, Williamson told his boss that he felt well enough to take part in the parade at the Delaware County Fair in Walton on Tuesday night. He will literally be getting back in the saddle. “He said he’s going to the parade and he’ll be riding his horse,” said Supervisor Hynes. “He says he has not missed it in years.”

Williamson’s wife, Patricia, was the one who called 911 last Sunday, when she realized that her husband was in medical distress. The constable, who has six children and four grandchildren, was visited by many of them at the hospital. Williamson could not be reached for comment, but his daughter, Jamie McVitty, expressed her joy over his return home. She responded to the News via e-mail. “He’s a very determined man and very dedicated to his work, his family is very happy that he is doing so well,” she wrote.