Riley the Dog gets surgery and a new home

By Jay Braman Jr.
Riley, the young Staffordshire terrier who has been in the Town of Shandaken dog pound, has a new life as of last Friday.
Readers of the Catskill Mountain News may recall Riley from a story a month ago about the dog’s need for surgery to correct a painful knee problem.
Shandaken Animal Control Officer Nancy Hudler mounted an online fundraising campaign to raise the $2,000 needed for Riley’s surgery.
Before the story appeared in the News on March 12, the campaign had raised only a couple hundred dollars. By the morning of Friday, March 14, the $2,000 was not only met but was exceeded by $245.

Settling in
And not only did Riley end up with a successful operation, which was done just last week, but he has since been adopted and has a new and permanent home with Adam Quinn and Emily Wells, a couple who live in the Ulster County Town of Saugerties.
“He was adopted on Friday when he was released from the vet’s,” said Hudler. “He’s very happy with his new family.”
The family, who heard about Riley from a relative who lives nearby the dog pound, still has some work to do with their new companion.
“He’s doing physical therapy at home,” Hudler added. “It will take about two months for him to fully recover.”
Riley suffered a patellar luxation, also known as dislocated kneecap, which had causing pain and lameness. Surgery was required to stabilize and stop the wear and tear on the cartilage.
The dog had been in the care of the Shandaken Animal Volunteer Effort, a town-sponsored organization that houses strays out behind town hall, next to the recycling center, along the shores of the Esopus.
Hudler said that just as Riley was packing up his toys for the move, another tenant moved in. “Lola” a stray who was found in Chichester, is spayed and has clearly been taken care of, but alas, no one has yet to come forward for her.
Like Riley, Lola is available for adoption. For more information, call Hudler at 688-5004 or 688-7284.