Reps Medicare stance is a bad one


To the Editor:
I’m writing to endorse Julian Schreibman for Congress.  Our current representative Chris Gibson is a strong supporter of making Medicare into a voucher system.  He voted last year for a plan that would change Medicare for those born after 1956, giving them vouchers for health care and increasing the eligibility age by two months each year until it reached 67 in 2033.  

Those of us receiving Medicare know how valuable it is.  An individual HMO policy from Empire Blue Cross costs over $12,000 for an individual in this area.  Imagine how many seniors here could afford those premiums and what government voucher would cover that large an expense?  It’s true that Medicare faces financial problems, but creating poverty and hardships for seniors is not the solution.

There are ways to enhance revenue and to cut costs (like competitive prescription drug purchasing in Medicare Part D) that should be implemented first.
Mr. Schreibman’s position is that hurting people even 10 years down the road is unacceptable.

Marc J. Osterweil