Redistricting shifts role for Kathy Mami Moore


By Joe Moskowitz
It is a new year and that means changes. Some changes will be barley noticed. Others will be somewhat annoying, like remembering to change the year when writing checks, but for many of us in this area, there will be a tremendous loss. We will be represented by different politicians in Albany and that means Kathleen Mami-Moore won’t be able to help us as much as she had.
For more than a dozen years, Kathleen has been Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Cliff Crouch, but the district lines have been redrawn and much of this area will now be represented by Pete Lopez or Claudia Tinney. Mami-Moore says it is very sad because she grew up in Arkville and still has a home here.

Arkville became the family home in the 1950s when the Mami family moved from New York City. After graduating from Margaretville Central School, she returned to the city and graduated from New York University. She moved out to Colorado and became a rancher, at one time owning about 300 head of cattle.

Career shift
Her life took another turn and she then started working for Colorado-based “Information Handling Services,” a job that took her all over the United States, including a number of trips to New York. She says she would always visit the area when she was in the northeast.

After about five years, she came back to stay. Her jobs included working at the Arkville Country Store, the Grand Gorge Country Store, catering, and Wal-Mart. One day she took a part time job with Assemblyman Cliff Crouch. She thought it would last about a month and a half. She is still there.

Right away they both knew it was a perfect fit. He needed help representing this area, and this is her home. Mami-Moore has championed many causes, including Margaretville Memorial Hospital, Arkville’s sidewalks, and during Hurricane Irene, she got her hands dirty, along with other volunteers, helping clean up muddy homes.

During the past year Mami-Moore began fighting another battle… the fight of her life. She was diagnosed with a form of stomach cancer. It was caught early, but there is no cure. It can, however be managed and kept in remission. She says her doctor gives her 15 years to live, which she says will take her past 80. Both she and her doctor credit all of the people who encouraged her during the most intense part of the battle. That, plus the fact that she always stayed busy. Mami-Moore says she has always tried to do 16 things at a time. She did have to reduce that to 10.
In addition to working for Assemblyman Crouch, she is also on the Margaretville Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, and the Oneonta Orpheus Theater Board of Directors. She is a councilwoman for the Town of Davenport and is a member of the Davenport Republican Committee. She says, however, that she really tries to avoid partisan politics.

When she speaks of the new Assembly district Mami-Moore says, “I can’t even say the words to describe my sadness”. But she says she and Crouch will still look out for this area and will help Lopez and Tinney. And, she says, she will always be proud to say that she is from the Town of Middletown.