Really only one choice


To The Editor:
Over 40 years ago I registered as a Democrat. I have steadfastly remained a registered Democrat so that I could vote in all Democratic primaries. I wanted to have a voice as to which candidates I felt should be on the ballot representing the Democratic ticket.
Do I always vote along party lines in a General Election? No! But primaries are different all together.

The Democratic Party has a primary coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 10 with polls open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. In the 1980s to early ’90s, I was a Democratic Committee woman representing Arkville. As a Democratic Party, we would meet at Dan Morse’s house (the chairman) to decide who we should endorse to run for local political offices. All but one time did we ever endorse anyone who was not a Democrat. The time we didn’t, the person was running unopposed, and we felt there was no one better for the position so we weren’t going to run another candidate, just for the sake of having a Democrat on the ticket.

This upcoming primary has an interesting dynamic. We have Nelson Delameter, a good man with a nice family, being endorsed by the Republican Party to run as a Republican, but in the Democratic Primary. He had changed his party status in 2009 from Republican to Democrat as a matter of convenience, not conviction, so he could obtain and keep a job with the state.

In the Democratic Primary on September 10, there is really only one choice for Democrats, vote for another tried and true Democrat, Marge Miller, and put her on the November ballot on the Democratic ticket line.

Linda J Caswell,