RCS will reveal proposed capital project on March 13

By Trish Adams
Superintendent Tom O’Brien and architect William Taylor will be “top of the bill” at a Thursday, March 13 Roxbury Central School Board meeting, where they will make a presentation about a proposed capital project that will be on the ballot at the RCS budget vote and election on May 20. The meeting was rescheduled from its regular Wednesday date.
There will also be a presentation on the proposed 2014-15 school budget at that meeting, which begins at 7 p.m.
The Roxbury campus is one of several area schools built about 75 years ago, during the Great Depression. An addition was built in the late 1990s, but the capital project proposed would mostly address long-standing issues with the original wing. 

Work review
Superintendent Tom O’Brien notes that the only significant work done on the older part of the building was replacing the original windows with more efficient ones in 2005. Whenever immediate repairs were needed for the masonry or roof tiles, it was done piecemeal with general funds allotted to maintenance.
Most of this larger project would be replacing the slate roof, reconditioning the brick masonry, capstones and other facade details, repaving the parking lots, renovating the oldest bathrooms, and providing a shelter for the buses. Interior work would be done to improve energy efficiency as well improve the safety, security and utility throughout the entire building. The bus garage would see some “shop” work and needs a new well.
Although there will be subsequent budget and project presentations (the next is on Wednesday, March 26), the March 12 meeting will afford residents an opportunity to hear about the project directly from the architect, William Taylor, and have him answer questions. The project would be funded almost entirely through bonding, with only 25 percent of the funds coming from current school reserves.
The RCS board meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. in the library upstairs. Call 607 326-4151 if for more information.