RCS Superintendent headed to LI position

By Brian Sweeney
Roxbury Central School Superintendent Dr. Craig Carr has announced his resignation after three-and-a-half years on the job. The RCS School Board accepted Dr. Carr’s resignation at its July 21 meeting. Dr. Carr will be leaving the district on August15. He has accepted a position as superintendent of the Central Islip Union Free School District.
Prior to beginning work at RCS on January 5, 2005, Dr. Carr had spent nine years as an administrator at a district in Deer Park, Long Island. He is a native of Watertown.
In announcing his resignation, Dr. Carr praised the work of the school board members.
“They were the best board and the best individual stewards for their community who I have worked with,” he commented. “Their hearts are in the right place.”
The superintendent also praised the work of staff and the community.
“Recently I reviewed my annual reports to the board describing the accomplishments completed over those years. What stood out in those 123 major successes was the fact that most were done by teams of people. Those teams will remain active, stated Dr. Carr. “Those concerned educators will continue. This school district has the personnel, leadership and expertise to persist to develop in dramatic ways.”

Replacement search
RCS Board of Education President Phil Zorda said the board is currently exploring replacements for the superintendent.
“We have formed a committee and we are talking to an internal candidate right now,” Mr. Zorda explained.
He said that by its August 13 meeting, the board hopes to either have an agreement with its candidate or will decide to commence a superintendent search.
“Hopefully, the internal candidate will work out,” he added.
Mr. Zorda said the board had been aware that Dr. Carr was seeking other job opportunities, so the announcement was not a surprise.
“I think he did a good job – that shows in the budget. We’ll miss him,” he noted.