RCS students get a lift from climbing towers, giant swings on field trip

Claryville —   Climbing towers and giant swings raised the bar on leadership and teambuilding skills for 56 Roxbury Day School seventh- and eighth-graders during a recent trip to Frost Valley YMCA camp in Claryville. During the one-day program, students conquered challenges such as scaling a 20-foot climbing wall, completing a ropes course and testing their composure on the Giant Swing in an effort to hone their cooperative skills in a relaxed setting.
It’s important that students are able to take their classroom lessons and apply what they have learned to life experiences. It’s also important that students take life experiences and bring those lessons back into the classroom. “The program at Frost Valley allows everyone to have positive experiences,” said Greg Funck, lead teacher for the trip.
Hands-on activities play a crucial role in helping students to understand group dynamics. Students also make important connections between academics and real life, such as cooperation, teamwork and leadership. 
At the start of the program students were unsure about the experience, but as they enjoyed the new experiences, they really expanded their boundaries with each other,” said Brendan Heldenfels, Frost Valley school liaison.
“We challenge students to overcome obstacles and encourage them to stretch beyond what they believe are their limitations. The out-of-classroom experience that Frost Valley provides inspires students to think out of the box, to really listen to their peers, and share with each other. Frost Valley educators are also really in-tune with kids, because we work with them every day. We use innovative ways to guide them through a process that teaches the communications and critical thinking skills they will need to succeed in life,” said Bob Eddings, Frost Valley’s director of School Trips Program.
Frost Valley YMCA is a premiere education, retreat center and summer camp providing programming year-round for youth, school and business groups. For more information, please visit www.frostvalley.org or call 845 985-2291.