RCS gets money for Photoshop software

Roxbury — Roxbury Central School’s Technology Department applied for and received $1,074 in funding grants that helped purchase Adobe Photoshop CS5 software for both junior and senior high students.
Al Vigna, the school’s technology and photography teacher, welcomed the new upgrade from a previous version that had been in use since 2004.  Photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop CS5 introduces students to a skill used for viewing and editing digital images in photojournalism, graphics design, aerial and satellite imagery, and other multimedia career fields.  Picture quality from the introductory level all the way up to commercial industry standards can be achieved.  He indicated that having “state of the art software helps to challenge students in reaching their greatest potential.” 
The software purchase was made possible by donations from the A. Lindsey and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation, and the Catskill Mountain News. 

According to RCS Principal Eric Windover, “Roxbury Central School has a long-standing partnership with the O’Connor Foundation whose generosity and support continue to provide RCS students with rich and rigorous learning opportunities. Mr. Vigna and his students have utilized the new software to its fullest potential and their work is to be commended.”