RCS Alumni Association hosted annual banquet

The 2008 RCS Alumni Association Annual Banquet was held Saturday, July 19 at Shephard Hills Golf Course outdoors on the patio under the tent. Sixty-seven alumni and 29 guests gathered to catch up on old times, with plentiful conversation and good food, provided by Mary’s Cookin’ Again and dancing under the stars.
The earliest year represented was the Class of 1933 (75 years) by Lindon Morse who received a gift certificate which was donated by Cassie’s Café, to the newly opened eatery on Main Street in Roxbury. The graduate who traveled the farthest was Linda Lepeltak Atkin, Class of 1959, who came from Valrico, FL. Linda received a half-gallon of Farnum’s Maple Syrup that was donated by Shawn Farnum, Class of 1982.
Also included at the gathering were three former teachers, Duane Ely, Beatrice Hinkley and Mary Alice Wiedemann. Jimmy Ross, son of former physical education teacher, “Doc” Ross also attended.
The guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Patricia Numann, Class of 1958, who spoke about her life as the first female surgeon at the Syracuse hospital.
Officers for the past year were recognized for their work and were reinstated for the coming year. They are, Lorrayne Lang Bolger, president; Andrea Munsell Cammer, vice president and Lynette Hinkley Liberatore, secretary/treasurer.
Music and dancing were provided by an Albany based band called “Harmony.” The band featured RCS Alumni, Linden Gregory, Class of 1965 on saxophone. Music and dancing were enjoyed by everyone until 11 p.m.
On Sunday, July 20, the sixth Annual Alumni Golf Tournament was played with nine foursomes playing a scramble format. The competition was tough resulting in a two-team play-off of three holes with the winner determined by a beautiful chip in by Kellie Winnie, Class of 1997. The team of Mike Hynes, Kellie Winnie, Dennis Ely and Duane Ely will be inscribed on the “Doc” trophy for the third year in a row.
The following alumni attended the banquet:
Class of 1933—Lindon Morse; Class of 1937—Willis Sanford, Martha Restchack Tucek; Class of 1938—Edna Gaarn Morse,; Class of 1939—Elna Peck Hinkley, Elizabeth O’Hara Moore; Class of 1941—Julian Wiedemann; Class of 1944—Caroline Hinkley Thompson; Class of 1946, Doris Van Aken Kelly, Robert Preston, Esther Finch Snyder.
Class of 1948—Phil Finch, Doris Mattice Hosier, Danny Underwood, Bill White; Class of 1949—Leighton Hinkley, Patricia Ann Mattice Webster; Class of 1951—Catherine Shultis Wilber; Class of 1953—Velda Hunter Keator; Class of 1954—Rudy Gorsch, Janet Hammond German.
Class of 1955—Gary Hinkley, David Munsell, Nancy White; Class of 1956—Nancy Smith Purchell; Class of 1957—Joan Dugan Pebler, William Reed; Class of 1958—Susan Ives Gorsch, Nancy Morse Haring, Harry Munsell, Patricia Numann, James Ross.
Class of 1959—Linda Lepeltak Atkin, Veronica Graham Wranovics; Class of 1961—Wanda LaRue Klinger; Class of 1962—Iris Mead; Class of 1963—Cheryl Smith Ely, Robert Townsend; Class of 1965—Jane Bookhout Claus; Linden Gregory; Class of 1967—Barbara Thompson Meade, Mike Porter; Class of 1968—Randy Kelly, Walter Gregory.
Class of 1972—Tom Hinkley, Nancy Van Valkenburgh St. John; Class of 1973—Jeffery Hinkley, Kristen Finch Higgins, Susan Snyder Wright; Class of 1975—David Purchell; Class of 1977—John Bolger, Steven Hinkley; Class of 1978—Sonya Hinkley, Penny Hammond Purchell.
Class of 1981—Karen Lang Hinkley, Neil German; Class of 1982—Mark Cammer, Shawn Farnum, Lynette Hinkley Liberatore, James Whitney; Class of 1983—Lorrayne Lang Bolger, Shelly Bullock, Andrea Munsell Cammer, Deidre Dorrance Thorington; Class of 1988—Catherine Cammer, Jennifer German; Class of 2001—Martin Hartmann.