Railride into yesteryear rolls June 21


Does the price of gas these days have you wondering how you’re going to supply affordable summer fun for your family? Relax and take a “no gas mileage” vacation from all your 21st century cares by riding the “Railride into Yesteryear” and visiting the quintessential Catskills hamlet of Roxbury, circa 1898.
On Saturday, June 21 and July 5 and on Labor Day weekend, you can park the gas guzzler at the train depot in Arkville. Bring the kids and spend an afternoon in historic mountain time, where the phrase “running on empty” is just an invitation to fill up on authentic country comfort food.
The historic Delaware & Ulster Railroad will transport you along the scenic East Branch, where you can enjoy the spectacular views from open-air cars. 
Once there, it’s easy being green when all the fun and food you need is within easy walking distance and a horse drawn coach is headed your way. Take a stroll from the depot to sample the market carts, spend some time with chatty vendors hawking their wares and crafts, enjoy the fine summer produce and beware that charming snake oil salesman! 
Fortify yourself with barbecue, hearty sandwiches, cool off in the beer garden at the Public Lounge on Bridge Street. Once on the main thoroughfare, youthful scholar guides will lead you through the rich architectural treasures of Roxbury from the leisurely vantage point of an elegant horse drawn hotel coach or a shady stroll under the 100-year old maples. Railride “docents” have done their homework on the rich history of their village, one that both naturalist John Burroughs and rail baron Jay Gould called home. 
Come afternoon, the game is up — 19th century-style vintage base ball, that is. Find a sunny spot in the bleachers in the broad green expanse of Kirkside Park. Watch the hometown champs, The Roxbury Nine, take on their vintage rivals, the Westfield Wheelmen all the way from Massachusetts.
Experience the ease, fun and authenticity of the Catskills of 100 years ago. History, Victorian architecture, vintage base ball action, and a warm hometown sense of hospitality will provide an unforgettable day for your entire family and complete your transformation into a Catskills state of mind, all this with nary a visit to the gas pump!
Railride departs 11 a.m. from the Delaware & Ulster Railroad Arkville depot right on Route 28. You’ll depart from Roxbury at 3 p.m. and arrive back at Arkville at approximately 4 p.m. For reservations or info call: 607 326-3722 or visit www.roxburyny.com.
Railride into yesteryear rolls June 21Railride into yesteryear rolls June 21