Publishing company starts new chapter in Margaretville


By Joe Moskowitz
Olin Frederick Publishing is starting a new life in Margaret­ville, and company founder Gerald Balcar feels that his efforts will also improve and extend the lives of many Americans, in addition to improving Margaretville’s economic health.

Balcar helped start the publishing company in Western New York about 15 years ago. The company has recently been reorganized and Balcar and his new management team held a news conference last week to talk about the new company and its first project.
Balcar, who along with Amie Brockway, operates Margaret­ville’s Open Eye Theater, has spent eight years studying and writing about the problems with America’s healthcare delivery system.
Balcar said Olin Frederick’s first book will be an unbiased, in depth study of why Americans pay so much more for healthcare and get so much less than other industrialized nations. He said Monday that the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is commonly called, is just an insurance plan and doesn’t solve the nation’s health care problems.
Balcar says that America’s healthcare delivery system is literally killing thousands of people and bankrupting the government.
The book is entitled, America’s Healthcare Realities.

Who’s in charge
Balcar is the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. Bo Elfving of Manhattan and Margaretville is the president and chief operating officer and Dr. Elizabeth Sherr of Roxbury will serve as vice president of research and publishing operations.
Elfving told the News that the target market for the book is everyone who is alarmed about the cost of quality of healthcare in America.
Initially, Olin Frederick will be based out of the eCenter building on Main Street in Margaretville but eventually the owners hope to have a home of their own. A staff of writers, editors, and others will be recruited and brought to Margaretville to work for Olin Frederick.

Getting started
They plan to publish more books that they say are of vital interest to Americans. But first, the book America’s Healthcare Realities has to be published.
Balcar said the book is in its editing stage and should be available for sale by June or July.
He said it will be available hard bound, in paperback and on digital platforms such as Kindle.
In the meantime, the company plans to start a “Crowd Funding” or “Kickstarter” campaign to raise the money needed to get the presses rolling.