Public input welcome at Thursday’s Scenic Byway meeting

Arkville — The Central Catskills Collaborative (CCC) will address the question of how its seven towns and villages will work together to keep the scenic byway a thriving entity at a public meeting on Thursday, July 22 from 6-8 p.m. at The Catskill Center in Arkville.

This is one of the questions that must be answered and included in the nomination package for a successful scenic byway designation. The CCC has been assembling the components of the package and hopes to submit it to the state next spring.

The proposed scenic byway extends from Hurley to Andes. The meeting will include interactive exercises designed to build awareness and support for the byway. “The more that people in the seven communities participate in the development of the nomination, the stronger our promotion of the byway can be in the long term” explains John Duda, chairman of the CCC.

The CCC will also be considering names for the byway and the overall theme to market the byway. The public is encouraged to participate in the meeting. Pizza and drinks will be provided.
For more information, please contact Peter Manning, regional planner, at The Catskill Center at 586-2611 ext.104 or