Please pick up your trash


To The Editor:
This period between the true end of winter and the beginning of spring, this “springterlude” when the snow recedes to reveal all the trash by the side of the road, is my least favorite time of the year in the Catskills.

It truly is a blight upon us that seems to get worse every year with some particularly bad stretches on routes 28 and 30. These are things not seen in nature nor should they ever be, people! It doesn’t matter how the trash got there, whether it was transported by the elements or animals raiding garbage cans or jettisoned out of passing vehicles by the mindless, slovenly (and, apparently, rapidly spawning) lazy excuses for human beings among us. It was all generated by mankind in the first place, so we are responsible for it.

I’m ashamed to think what kind of impression of America this leaves visitors who come here for our scenic beauty. If everybody would just have enough pride of place to pick up the trash along the roadsides in front of their homes and across from it, and if the DOT would do their job and clean up Route 30 between Roxbury and Grand Gorge, (and, if not, the DEC would step in and do theirs and actually protect the eastern branch of the headwaters of the Delaware River from all this plastic pollution that is a serious threat to water and wildlife) and all you litterbugs out there would stop being the sad excuses for human being that you are and dispose of your detritus properly by tossing it into a bag you keep in your car for that purpose and take to the dump when it gets full, things would look a whole lot better around here and you might even wind up growing a little conscience in the process and actually be worthy of living in such a breathtakingly beautiful place!

Daisy Ferris,