Planners seek park memorabilia

The MARK Group in collaboration with the Village of Fleischmanns, is asking residents, historians and collectors to dig into their archives for photos of the Wagner Avenue Park in Fleischmanns and/or any additional information that may assist with efforts to research the history surrounding the park. With funding provided by the Pasternak Foundation and the O’Connor Foundation, the MARK Group has contracted with Landscape Architect Bob Toole to develop the Historic Analysis, Existing Conditions and Schematic Plans for the revitalization of this community gem.
“Toole’s renowned talent in combining landscape architecture with historic preservation is well suited to the Fleischmanns project” says MARK Executive Director Peg Ellsworth. Ellsworth spent the last decade working with Toole on Roxbury’s accomplishments in restoring Kirkside Park. “I look forward to working with Bob again on yet another wonderful park development project” added Ellsworth. “Much like Kirkside Park in Roxbury, the Wagner Ave Park in Fleischmanns also holds the potential to serve as the centerpiece of the village—especially with recent activities initiated by the Mountain Athletic Club and Fleischmanns First.”
The Fleischmanns Village Trustees have appointed a park committee to work with Toole and Ellsworth on this important planning project. “It is critical to plan for a large rehabilitation project such as this,” says Ellsworth. “With plenty of opportunities for public input, the process will use the park’s history as an anchor while documenting past and current uses and interweaving them with the park’s long-term use and sustainability.”
Aside from use, park infrastructure will also become a critical component of the process. “Parking, rest rooms, playground facilities and horticulture need to be considered while developing the schematic plan,” says Ellsworth. “But using the past to chart the future makes the process that much more fascinating.”
For more information or to contribute photos or archival material, please contact the MARK Group at 586-3500 or e-mail Peg Ellsworth @