Phoenicia Fire District celebrates annual dinner

The Board of Fire Commissioner of the Phoenicia Fire District hosted a buffet dinner on April 30 at the Catamount Restaurant for the installation of the board of fire commissioners, the district officers and the line officers of the three companies of the Phoenicia Fire District.
Richard Loveless gave the invocation and the benediction. This event is also an expression of gratitude by the commissioners for the dedication of our volunteer firemen. There were 85 people in attendance.
The oath of office was administered by Town Judge Tom Crucet. The commissioners taking the oath were: Jane Todd, Richard Loveless, Linda Michela, Steven Wadler, Todd Carr and Howard Sebald.
District Officers were: Chief Gary Carr Jr., 1st Assistant Chief, Dale Neal and 2nd Assistant Chief Ted Byron Jr.
The Line Officers were: Co. #1, Larry Campo, Captain; Kevin Frawley, 1st Lieutenant; Anthony Guglielmetti, 2nd Lieutenant; Rich Muelleriele, 2nd Lieutenant.
Co. #2 Todd Carr, Captain; Glenn Ford 1st Lieutenant; Camilo Ramallo, 2nd Lieutenant and Scott Benjamin, Safety Officer.
Honored guests were Ulster Training Center, Frank Rittie and John Quick; County Coordinators, Charles Mutz and Bernie Ellsworth; Investigators, Chris Warrad and John Russell.
Neighboring Chiefs invited were: Big Indian, Judy Rossitz and Dick Cable; Pine Hill, Lowell Smith; Olive, Carl Swenson and Cris Winnie; Woodstock, Mike Denson; West Hurley, Dave Gutteierez and Justice Rice; Centerville, Randy Wicks; Fleischmanns, Todd Wickham; Margaretville, Nelson Delameter and Lanesville, Edwin Benjamin. Also present was Courtney Carr, a volunteer junior fireman.
Tom Crucet gave the history of the Maltese Cross which is hundreds of years old. The badge of a fireman is the Maltese Cross. The Maltese Cross is a symbol of protection and a badge of honor. It means that a fireman who wears this cross is willing to lay down his life for you, signifying that he works in courage. The firemen of the Phoenicia Fire District wear this badge of honor, a ladder’s rung away from death.