Pete Wright Memorial is ringing success

The All-Star break marks the midpoint of the Major League baseball season. Stars from the American and National Leagues come together to play a feel-good contest that is as much about camaraderie and a good time as it is about winning.
Locally, the Pete Wright Memorial Tournament marks a midpoint of sorts for the Delaware County Horseshoe League. Horseshoe pitchers from around the county come together at the barn in Andes for a day of great company, mixed competition, and a good time. In the process, participants raise money for a local cause. This year the tournament raised $500 donated to the Andes girls’ basketball program to be used to help fund participation in summer hardwood camping excursions.
The Pete Wright Memorial Tournament is a two-person team event. When the dust cleared on Saturday the team of Sandy McAdams and Jim Krebser were atop the leader board. Second place honors went to Jay Weaver and Sue Temple. Jarrod Maxim and John Rosa finished in third.
Horseshoes provide a great lifetime sporting activity. The sport is interesting and exciting, can be played by both guys and gals, and can continue long beyond most sporting activities. The Delaware County Horseshoe League consists of two divisions, 12 teams with regular season and playoff champions.
Twelve games make up a contest with each game played to 21 points. After the first seven weeks of the season, Weathertite sits in first place with an impressive 71-win, 13-loss record. The Arizona is not far behind the leaders at 60-24 with Z –Painting in third at 58-23.
If a team gets hot with 12 games played in every contest, they can make up ground in a hurry. That keeps things interesting throughout an entire summer of hot horseshoe play.