Pay kindness forward


To The Editor:
Twice within the past three weeks I became stranded in our beautiful mountains and needed assistance.

The first time, my car broke down after overheating in the Denver-Vega valley. No sooner had I lifted the hood of my car when David, from Hog Mountain Road, stopped his car to ask if I needed help. David cheerfully drove me to a local garage, helped me arrange to have my car towed and drove me to the car rental place. Within one hour from when I had broken down, I was in a vehicle and on the road again. Remarkable! But only possible because of David’s generous and unconditional assistance!

Last week while hiking with my dog in the Dry Brook Ridge forest, I miscalculated the time required to hike the steep terrain and poorly blazed loop trail and after six hours of hiking decided to abandon the loop and instead hiked an access road down to civilization where I ended up in Bill and Bernadette’s front yard. They were sitting on their front porch and laughed when I asked, “Where am I?” They gave water to my dog, let me use their phone and then offered to drive me back me to my car, some 15 + miles away.

I feel so lucky to have met these wonderful people who so unknowingly have made a difference in my life. This is one of the many reasons why I love it here and have been coming for over 20 years. The people are genuine, neighborly and the “we are all in this together” attitude just turns me on! When I asked both of my angels if I could give them gas money they both adamantly refused and said, “Just pass it on!”

And so I shall pass it on…. again and again! Peace!

Cookie Donchik,
Halcott Center