Parsons exhibit to go on display; concert scheduled at Park Pavilion

An ongoing research initiative at Parsons The New School for Design has involved students in multiple disciplines who, since 2006, have undertaken design projects with Margaretville’s revitalization in mind. A selection of their ideas, called “The Margaretville Projects” will be unveiled on Saturday, June 21 at 4 p.m. at The Commons Building’s second floor.
These include: “Meander,” by Sara Choi, a waterfront promenade that imagines a new way for residents and tourists to appreciate the natural beauty of Margaretville and the East Branch of the Delaware River; “Illum,” by Yun Cho, a set of solar-powered light fixtures intended to create a rural “skyline” along the proposed waterfront promenade; and “The Margaretville Beacon,” by Alexander Yoo, a bus shelter and information kiosk that could serve as a welcome center for the community.
In addition, this past spring Parsons students created a number of proposals through a studio called “Furniture for the Public Realm.” Among the projects developed are “Tri,” a series of path markers and amenities developed by Tae Lin, Janet Kang and Leah Waldman; a flood history memorial that is in the form of public seating by Janet Solis and Mike Tsang; and “Log,” a line of outdoor furniture by Karissa Bieschke and Bengt Brummer that is intended for use along the riverfront.
“Margaretville has been fertile ground for these young designers,” says Tony Whitfield, chair of the Product Design department at Parsons. “Some of their proposals are more practical than others, but each project on display allows the viewer to see Margaretville in a different light.”
Models and presentations from these and other projects will be on exhibit at The Commons through July 4. A reception with students and faculty – to which the public is invited – will be held on June 21, at 4 p.m. on the second floor.
The “Margaretville Projects” opening is being held in conjunction with the pavilion benefit concert later that day at the Margaretville Park Pavilion behind the A&P, starring Julian Fleisher and his band. Tickets for the 5 p.m. reception and 6 p.m. concert are $35. For reservations call 586-1171.
The pavilion was designed and built by another division of Parsons, the graduate architecture program, whose students donated the designs and labor. The local group Citizens’ Initiative for Community Spaces (CICS) has worked to raise the funds for material and other supplies. For more information, please visit

"Meander" by Sara Choi"Meander" by Sara Choi