Park is needed in Fleischmanns


To The Editor:
We lost a lot in Fleischmanns during the flood, including a woman’s life. The badly damaged village park is literally and figuratively the heart of our community. There is nothing more beautiful that our ballpark’s big green field full of children and people on a summer afternoon.  

But our New York Atate departments came into town to save us and our park right after the flood and raised our spirits, so we cheered their vehicles, but they left and left behind mounds of dirt and a broken twisted playground and tennis courts. Now they went to the wasted trouble of erecting a fence around the entire park and we cannot go to the swimming hole behind our park that I have seen rows and rows of religious children wading along with all our other children playing in the water. How can we be left with a summer without a park for us and for our children?  Forget everything else, we need our green field to play in the sun!

There is no construction necessary, just earth moving to one side! What are you thinking putting a fence around our park? Every single person here needs it. I would like to volunteer to clean the park and donate money to help!  We need the money for the park now. We should be asking for that solely at the beginning of the summer. The rest of the village can wait. Where is the tournament going to be? Where is the old-fashioned baseball game going to be? Where is the soccer going to be? Where are our kids going to ride their bikes? Where are the summer night star gazing going to take place? Where is the park festival going to be?  Give us back the heart of Fleischmanns!

J. Sugar,