ORDA article fell short


To The Editor:
The possible sick out, if it was a sick out, decried in your headline as “painful for Belleayre,” deserves a bit more reporting than it received in Pauline Liu’s article in the Catskill Mountain News issue of February 22-28.

Readers are subjected to lots of hand-wringing by heads of various “groups” of one sort or another, they are all rather ill-defined, but we are never told why the employees of Belleayre may have staged a job action, if job action it was.

Will the proposed takeover by the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) affect their livelihoods or not? If so, how?

What have been ORDA’s labor practices in the ski facilities it manages elsewhere? And what in fact does ORDA expect to do, if it should take over, with the current Belleayre employees and their jobs?
The article did not explore this absolutely central fact, and News owes it to readers to do so.

Susanna Margolis,