Opening day should be Monday


To The Editor:
Judy Van Put’s recent article reminded me of a long-discussed objection to the change in the big game rifle season. I have not missed opening day since 1976 and our group, which at one time numbered more than 30, made calls and wrote several letters to the DEC, expressing our disagreement over the change from Monday opening to Saturday. The few responses we received said that the change was made so that children would not have to miss school.

Before the change, we arrived Thursday or Friday, shopped, had meals in town, and scheduled various fun activities during the weekend.

We now number 13, arrive Friday, hunt Saturday, and leave Sunday. The change has not only hurt the merchants in the area, but also has changed the attitude with which we approach the season. It would help everyone if the DEC would reverse its decision.

William P Wunder,
Jupiter, FL