Open Eye offers two short Christmas plays Dec. 21-21 with free admission

Margaretville — Two short Christmas plays, “Silent Night” by Walt Vail and “Dulce Domum” by Amie Brockway, will be performed at The Open Eye Theater, 960 Main Street, on Saturday, Dec. 21 and Sunday, Dec. 22 at 2 p.m. The matinee performances include caroling, cookies, and cocoa, and are recommended for all ages. There is no admission charge.

“Silent Night” is based on an historical incident in Armentieres, France, on Christmas Eve, 1914, when in the early months of World War I, soldiers on both sides laid down their arms and joined in a spontaneous truce that spread across the front lines. Germans placed candlelit Christmas trees on parapets, warring soldiers sang carols, and enemies shared food parcels from home. Alan Bjorkander plays Howard, a British soldier, and Erwin Karl is Otto, a German soldier.

“Dulce Domum” (“Home Sweet Home”) is adapted from Kenneth Grahame’s classic “Wind in the Willows,” and takes place late on the afternoon of Christmas Eve 1910 on a country road leading from the edge of The Wild Wood to The River Bank and Rat’s House. The road passes Mole’s House, or rather, his former house, as Mole now lives with Rat. The role of Rat is played by John Exter, and Nat Thomas plays Mole. Sophie Hewitt and Judy Bloom play Sheep and caroling Mice. Patricia Brannen accompanies the carolers on keyboard, and the audience is invited to join in the singing and good cheer.

The two plays are directed by Amie Brockway. Sophie Hewitt is stage manager, Judy Bloom is assistant stage manager, Erwin Karl has designed the set, lights, and sound.

Admission to the Christmas plays, “Silent Night” and “Dulce Domum,” is free of charge, and there will be carols, cookies, and cocoa for all. Tax-deductible donations to The Open Eye Theater’s cultural and educational programming will be welcome.

Performances of “Silent Night” and “Dulce Domum” are at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 21, and Sunday, Dec. 22, at The Open Eye Theater, 960 Main Street, Margaretville. Total running time is approximately one hour. All are invited. For best seating, for groups of six or more, and for special needs, please phone 586-1660, or e-mail to make a reservation.