Open Eye to create Shakespearean dinner experience

Margaretville — The historic Tudor flag will be hung in the lobby of Hanah Mountain Resort and Country Club on Tuesday July 10, for the second A Midsummer Night’s Dinner where Shakespeare’s England will be recreated for the evening by The Open Eye Theater beginning at 6 p.m.

Guests will be greeted by young Elizabethan noblewomen; they will be announced by the Seneschal, and introduced to the Honored Guests celebrated award-winning authors, biographers and research psychologists Dr. Stephen and Dr. Robin Larsen. They will also be presented, if they like, to the special guest Queen Elizabeth I. After the opening ceremony and salad, all will enjoy a buffet of roast pork, baked cod, vegetarian delights, and culinary accoutrements.

As in Elizabethan time, good conversation, food and, entertainment will be a focus of the affair but not without some serious theme.

After an apple cobbler dessert, the Larsens will address the matter of theater in life and what it does for those who are in the audiences and those who are on or back stage. Guests can expect an encounter between the Larsens and The Queen, played by Open Eye veteran Anne Saxon Hersh.
Court musicians playing violins will stroll through the opening reception and will reprise a short concert. Open Eye star, Patricia Van Tassel, will render songs. A short play will be part of a rich theater and life experience which will be complete when all join in singing the closing songs.

Tickets are $47.50 or $90 for two. Further information, reservations and admission packets are available at 586-1660 or Or check the website at