Oct. 29, 2008: Thanks for sharing story on Ralph


To The Editor:
I was very happy to see the article about Ralph Felter in last week’s paper. Ralph and his wife Cora were my first friends when I bought what was then my weekend home in Kelly Corners 20 years ago.
Ralph worked hard to make my home livable, putting in a cellar, pouring the cement for a furnace platform, installing new doors, finding all the right people to dig a pond, grade my driveway and install new water tanks and heaters. Everything he did he did by hand, including one blazing summer Sunday, digging a trench from the house to the point, many yards away, where the pipe to the septic tank had collapsed. No bulldozers for him.
But more than the hard physical labor and expertise he provided, the hours he spent telling me about the land, about the animals who inhabit it, and about his own history of growing up here gave me a real sense of connection to the place I would come to call home.
Ralph had, and has, no use for slackers, for those who try the easy way out, who expect anything they haven’t earned, but in all these years, I’ve never heard him say a mean thing about any one person, spread gossip or tell tales out of school. Over the years I’ve enjoyed produce from his garden and fish from his catches. These days he’s so busy in his woodlot that the only chance we have to chat is when I find time to stop to wonder and admire his industry and most of all his love for the work he’s doing.
Thanks for sharing the story of this remarkable man and friend with the whole Mountain News community.

Ann Epner,