Oct. 29, 2008: Please vote at this important time


To The Editor:
After a long campaign, it is finally time for the people to choose the next President of the United States. This is always an important decision, but never more so than today. After the past eight years, our country is in a horrible mess. We are engaged in two wars, both of which have been hideously mismanaged. The economy is in a freefall, mostly due to Republican policies that favored big business over normal people. And, probably worst, our country’s reputation has been run into the ground due to the use lies to invade another country, policies to condone torture and Bush’s trashing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The country needs a dramatic change. John McCain has promised more of the same in his policies and delivered more of the same in his campaign that was filled with anger, lies, guilt by association and divisive rhetoric.
Through the entire campaign, Barack Obama has showed calmness and a determined nature. He demonstrated excellent judgment in attempts formulate solutions to the financial crisis, instead of treating it like an opportunity to exploit partisan feelings, as his opponent did.
Obama has distinct plans to turn the country around and get it back on the right path. He will focus on reducing taxes for the middle class, which will benefit Delaware County which is comprised mostly of middle class taxpayers. He will work to provide healthcare to all. Most of all, he possesses the temperament to deal in a thoughtful manner with whatever obstacles will arise.
We the citizens of Delaware County deserve a real leader, for a change. That person is Barack Obama. Please vote this coming Election Day.

Mona Lee Sheehan,