Oct. 28, 2009: Tragic passing of a fine citizen


To The Editor:
The passing of Malcolm Becker is tragic, not just for his family, but for everyone in our region.  He was a really special human being and gave much to this community.
When I look at the Village of Fleischmanns today and compare it to the village that nearly dissolved itself a few years back, I am reminded that Malcolm Becker was instrumental in restoring that badly battered community.  As deputy mayor, working closely in partnership with Kathy Wilber, Malcolm helped bring integrity and intelligence back to Fleischmanns. He was open minded and open in spirit.  He asked questions, listened and did his homework.
In his own special way, Malcolm calmed people down, got them to think about what they were doing and why they were doing it, and helped to steady a really rocky boat.  He and Kathy were leaders, instrumental in getting the sewer system in and setting the stage for everything positive that is happening now.
Malcolm and Sindy Becker have never flagged in their love for Fleischmanns, even in its darkest days and while Sindy’s role was more visible because of the Fleischmannns Tennis Tournaments she ran, Malcolm was always there, doing his part in his way to bring Fleischmanns back from the brink.  I hope the community will develop a fitting memorial to this quiet leader and his family.  Because of them, Fleischmanns has a bright future.

Joan and Larry Bauer,