Oct. 21, 2009: Village of Margaretville is doing well


To The Editor:
Recently my organization, Writers in the Mountains, was invited to present a reading of works written in WIM’s journal classes. Our host was Catskill Crafts, and Jill Cline arranged for us to hold the reading in the open area upstairs in the Commons. We were to be one of the Arts in the Commons presentations.
While we were rehearsing, it became apparent that we’d have difficulty being heard in that lovely space. A smiling man approached me, introduced himself as Marc, and asked if we’d like to perform in the big room that he is planning to open soon as a coffee house. I accepted gratefully, our audience was treated to comfortable chairs and sofas, and our reading went splendidly.
All through the afternoon I noticed that the shoppers coming and going carried bags from the growing number of retail businesses that now line both sides of Main Street. In every way, and in every new venture, from Main Street business, to the Longyear Gallery and the many delights throughout the Commons building, the renovations at Freshtown to the lovely new pavilion, Margaretville is flourishing. Wonderful.

Ev Ellsworth,