Oct. 14, 2009: It finally happened -- history repeats


To The Editor:
It has finally happened.  A local person comparing the U.S. to Nazi Germany.  If you really want to see the seeds of Nazi Germany in our country, look at Sarah Palin railing against the intelligentsia of this country as the root of all evil.  What does she want to do; throw everyone with a college degree in a camp or just build a wall around every American city with educated people who think for themselves instead of following the extremists of Talk Radio and Fox Cable News Network?  Palin loves to separate what she calls, “The Real Americans” from the rest of us “Liberals” that actually think for ourselves and care what happens to everyone in this country, not just the ones that agree with our views.
And the hypocrisy of these so-called moral, religious people that are fighting health care reform are essentially saying, “I’m taken care of with good health insurance, so the hell with everyone else.” 
Get away from the radio and TV and try thinking for yourselves.  Otherwise, we may be doomed to repeat history instead of rising above our worst era of recent times.
Ed Kirstein,