Nov. 5, 2008: Stealing animals is a terrible crime


To The Editor:
Back in early August, my family and I took in a stray dog, a brown Pit Bull that apparently was dropped off on our road to fend for himself by his owners. And from what I am told it wasn’t the first time either!
We took this dog in because we did not want to see him end up in the pound. I called the animal control people in Delaware and Ulster counties, and also the Humane Society in Delhi to see if anyone reported a lost dog. They all said that they hadn’t received any reports of any lost Pit Bulls, but would let me know if they did. In the meantime, we all fell in love with this dog because he was so loveable and full of kisses; we even named him Pity, Pity Pit Bull!
Through a co-worker of my husband, we found the owners. We were kind of sad that we did find the owners, because at this point he was “our” dog, and did not want to see him go. But again, we come to find out that if the dog was returned to the house of the owner, he would be dumped somewhere again, so they told us that we could keep him. Good news? No! Because while we were out on October 11, at the Fall Festival in Arkville, another family member drove by our house, spotted the dog, called him off our property and put him in their car and drove off.
This was told to us by someone who had seen it happen! This person didn’t even have the common courtesy to leave us a note to let us know what had happened to our dog. To me this is stealing and something should be done about it!
Because we knew where the dog was taken, we visited him the next day. He was tied to a runner, with no food, water or shelter! People like this don’t deserve to own any animals and especially this dog! If they dumped him once or twice before, or maybe more who knows, I would really love to know where he is now and if he’s being taken care of!

Kimberly Wickham,