Nov. 5, 2008: Shop locally to support our economy


To The Editor:
Whether to patronize a chain or a locally owned business is not on the top of our minds for many holiday shoppers, but it should be. It’s a choice that has profound implications for the economy of Delaware County.
Today, instead of the glowing portrait from the holiday carols, we have rampant consumerism, with near riots as shoppers fight over plastic children’s toys, and loved ones are too busy searching for that special gift that there is no time left to spend with that special someone.
The sound of bells ringing, lights glittering in trees, shop windows decorated with snowflakes and children singing holiday carols all remind us of a simpler time when the season was about generosity, joy and connection with our family and community. When you buy at local businesses, you can find heartfelt gifts for your family while supporting your local community.
Simplify your holiday season by choosing locally owned businesses — the local jeweler, the homeware shop, and a day of skiing, a gift certificate for a local restaurant, or a gift from the funky little art shop downtown. Here not only will you find unique gifts, but the gifts you choose will carry a piece of what you care about — your community. When you buy from a locally owned business, you can make the holiday season a time to connect to people in your community. After all, those local shops are owned by your neighbors.
We also know we are in the midst of escalated gasoline prices. By shopping locally this holiday season, we can conserve our fuel, declare our independence and begin building a more prosperous economy by forgoing the out of county chains and seeking out our Delaware County businesses.

Mary Beth Silano,
executive director
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce