Nov. 26, 2008: Expects better from the press


To The Editor:
 I’d like to point out that a very important word was missing from the headline of the Nov. 19 article concerning Catskill Heritage Alliance (CHA) and New York State funding. That word was “Resorts.”
In order to be truthful and accurate, the headline should have read:  “CHA asks Gov. to take away Belleayre Resorts funds.”  I do realize that it might have been difficult to fit that headline on the front page, as it was apparent that the article was squeezed in next to the picture of a hunter with his dead deer.
CHA objects to the State of New York funding private development for the “Highmount Spa at Belleayre.”  CHA does and always has supported the Belleayre Ski Center.
I feel confident that your paper wouldn’t want readers to think that local residents like the long-standing members of CHA, many of whom ski at Belleayre and have always supported the ski center, would want any funds taken away from the day-to-day operation of Belleayre Ski Center.  I state here for all to know and read this that CHA supports the operation and state funding of Belleayre Ski Center.
I feel that Jay Braman Jr. does his best at writing unbiased articles and would think that the editors of the papers to which these articles are submitted would do their best to entitle his articles with unbiased headlines and this I also expect of the Catskill Mountain News and it’s (sic) editor, Dick Sanford. An editor’s personal feeling should be set aside, wouldn’t one think?
As a full-time resident of Shandaken and a member of CHA, I wish a snow laden and skiier (sic)-filled season for Belleayre Ski Center!  Happy Thanksgiving and fabulous skiing to all!

Freddi Dunleavey,