Nov. 19, 2008: Slow down for the safety of others


To The Editor:
I would like to thank the people who drive on Dry Brook Road and have slowed down. The positive feedback I have received is very much appreciated. I heard that there used to not be a speed limit on Dry Brook Road and the change is somewhat recent. It is only normal to continue driving/doing things as you always have. My intent was not to point fingers but to remind people of the change and an ongoing problem.
There are, of course, people who are not happy that I have brought attention to this. There are a lot of people who, in the past, told me that they too have complained about the speeding. Only one person, so far, has had a negative comment regarding my letters. To this person I say I was behind your daughter when she turned off 28 onto Dry Brook. She was doing 65 on Dry Brook. I pulled back before I hit Chris Long Road, saw her turn into your driveway and go into the house. I wanted to see if I was wrong about the speeding and, as it turns out, I was not.
After my last letter someone poured something on my lawn that poisoned my dogs. My dogs are OK now, but this action has only strengthened my resolve.
Recently I found out that a dog has been run over. The person was going too fast and, to make matters worse, did not attempt to stop (illegal). There was another time when three dogs were on the road, some people sped by. I stopped, held up three other cars, a person in a car was actually upset with me for stopping, not the fact that the dogs were in the road. Only one person came out to get his dog out of harm’s way. I would love to be able to let my dogs run free, but Dry Brook is not the area to do this. You cannot blame the dogs for being on the road, blame the owners for not being responsible.
By not paying attention, especially after being made aware of problems, people are accepting liability.

Pat Kitchen,
Dry Brook