Nov. 12, 2008: Parete should stay


To The Editor:
As the elections are winding down, I feel that I must comment on what I believe is a tragedy involving some great people. These people are John Parete and his wife Barbara Tosi Parete.
I have known the Parete and Tosi families for over 40 years. We certainly never agreed on too much politically, but we always remained friends—as it should be.
Anytime a need arose or a tragedy occurred in the community, the Paretes were always there to help. John and Barbara have been steadfast in their dedication to helping others. With all of their efforts and willingness to help, they never asked for anything in return. John and Barbara can hold their heads high—they have been a blessing to many.
I really believe that John’s letter of resignation should be rescinded and that he should be reinstated to his position of Commissioner of the Board of Elections. It’s the right thing to do.
I also ask the Democratic majority in Ulster County to take a long, hard look at how the Democratic Party got to where it is today.
The Democrats fought a long, uphill battle for decades in this county, and the Democratic Party’s recent successes can largely be attributed to the dedication of the Paretes.

Al Higley,
Mt. Tremper