Nostalgia & Memory show in Roxbury

Roxbury — Marcel Proust once said that the “remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” In an new exhibit in the Roxbury Arts Group’s Walt Meade Gallery, exhibit artists explore notions of nostalgia and memory using unique methods of photography.
The exhibit, curated by Kevin Q. Gray, features the artwork from Charles Bremer, Kevin Q. Gray, Tom Delooza, Adrienne Gohde, Mark Picone, and Fawn Potash. All are invited to attend an opening reception with the artists on Saturday, Aug. 3 from 4 to 6 p.m.
This exhibit has been curated by Kevin Q. Gray, a photographer who has often used alternative styles and methods of photography. Gray prefers traditional darkroom methods of processing and works mostly in black and white. He has recently engaged himself more into alternative methods of photography due to his love of art history, experimentation, and the beautiful and unexpected effects possible with such processes.
All of the exhibiting artists embrace the notions of nostalgia and memory in different ways, and these notions manifest themselves in unique ways in their work. “Memory is woven through all works of art,” says exhibiting artist Charles Bremer. “As in our body and mind it takes on many forms … sacred seeds, powdered pigment, a scientist’s sample, music, text. In my artwork I see the essence of creativity as a transparent darkness… the materials of the artist, vessels of color and light, reminders of a relationship we each have with wind, space and time.”
This exhibit, which opens on Saturday, Aug. 3, will remain on view in the Walt Meade Gallery in Roxbury through October 13. For more information visit the Roxbury Arts Group website at or call 607 326-7908.