No more letters please


To The Editor:
Did anyone else receive a copy of E.O. England’s latest rant in the mail?   A copy of his letter was sent to me anonymously. I am not sure why, or by whom - but since they went to the trouble to send it, I will address his disgustingly racist letter.  The following is from
It is true that the Census Bureau does predict the minorities in America will soon be the majority. But how much power does that prediction hold or does it hold any at all? Maybe none. It seems much more likely that one day in the future we will become one race with no majorities or minorities. Now, how wonderful would that be?

What if Latinos and blacks do become the American majority? According to the Census Bureau that is exactly where we are heading. But how much power does the projection hold? In fact it has no power at all. And nothing they have projected is likely to come to fruition. The census is no measure at all of what the future holds.

The first U. S. naturalization act made whiteness a given to become a citizen. So people began appearing in court to prove they were white. One Japanese man tried to persuade the court that Japanese hailed from white Caucasian stock. Needless to say, he didn’t get very far. This was when Europeans were divided into less and better grades of white, Eastern Europeans, Italians and Jews were thought to be from altogether different stock. Such ridiculous ideas defined and shaped immigration laws in the U.S.

That explanation is even truer today. A few years ago black and white mixing was a no no in America. It was against the law for an interracial couple to marry. But when Gallup polls surveyed American attitudes about interracial relationships in 2005, 95 percent of Americans approved. Most young people today say they have dated a person of a different race and many interracial couples have married.

The Census Bureau is good at what it does but there is no way it can predict the future attitudes of Americans. To their credit in the 1990 census, people were allowed to claim more than one racial identity. Are you aware years ago that Jews and Italians were not considered white?  Did Jews and other European ethnics become white because they became middle class? Or did an expanded version of white open doors to the middle class status?”

What is known is that younger folks will not build rigid racial walls as their forefathers did, Mr. England.   Also, DNA testing shows that whites are much more racially mixed than they ever knew.
What is likely is that our racial walls will fall away as the term white expands to encompass those we now consider minorities. Race just will not be a big deal. We will intermarry, our children will intermarry.   We are learning that people are more alike than different. Maybe we will finally be able to breath a sigh of relief and look forward to a great future.

And please, do not send me copies of your letters any longer Mr. England. I do not agree with your opinions or falsehoods.

Christina Perrone,