No caps in school


To The Editor:
I am writing concerning your story and photo last week about write-on desktops at Roxbury Central School.

While I think these desktops seem like a good learning tool, I was disturbed by the photo showing a student wearing a hood in class. I think this shows the lack of respectful dress code at RCS. Hats (caps, hoods, etc.) of any kind should not be allowed inside schools (and other buildings), especially in classrooms. It is a matter of showing respect to remove your hat when you enter a building. Every school that my children went to, public and private, enforced this rule whether there were any other uniform or dress codes in place or not. They now have children and the same basic “no hat” rule still applies in their schools.

My grandkids go to public schools in Buffalo and Highlands Ranch, CO. My children went to private and public schools in Albany. The public middle and senior high school principal would, after one warning, even confiscate hats of any kind being worn inside the school building. The student could get it back at the end of the year, if he didn’t have a repeat offense.

I, myself, am a graduate of RCS, and back then (yes, the good old days) caps and hoods definitely were not allowed.

Carol Ferguson,