No bashing needed


To The Editor:
It’s amazing how Joan Lawrence-Bauer can bash and yet attempt to applaud Plattekill for what it has accomplished since its inception. She should try to be more optimistic about the Catskill Region rather than downplay Mr. Vajtay’s attempt to run a mountain while competing with a state-run organization.

She states that Mr. Vajtay believes “that everyone in the region should continue to suffer economic decline because he is suffering” is an absolute absurdity. He strongly stated that he supports the proposed Belleayre Resort. He is merely against spending taxpayer money to the tune of $74 million in a public venture (the Belleayre Mountain Ski Center) with little chance of a positive return on this taxpayer investment.

Ms. Lawrence-Bauer blindly states that Plattekill Mountain is merely an outgrowth if Belleayre in the 1950s and implies that Plattekill would not even exist if it wasn’t for Belleayre. Wrong! I have skied Plattekill for more than 10 years and it has better and more challenging trails. But more important, it is better run and management has done a better job of competing with the DEC run Belleayre.
She also states that Plattekill could not survive without the overflow of skiers from Belleayre. Wrong again! Plattekill has a very strong core of family skiers who return every year. In fact, last season Belleayre experienced a paltry 22 percent increase in skier visits over the 2011 season while at the same time Plattekill more than doubled its skier visits to record levels. The numbers speak for themselves.

Go one step further and Ms. Lawrence-Bauer should realize that Windham and Hunter mountains have coexisted successfully in the past as Belleayre and Plattekill could without the needless bashing. There is no need to belittle what Plattekill has done and hopes to do while competing with a state-run organization.

Therefore, maybe it is Ms. Lawrence-Bauer’s “flawed logic” which is in question.

Salvatore Giuffrida,