New state-of-the-art equipment enhances diagnostics at Margaretville Hospital

Margaretville — Margaretville Hospital has added state-of-the-art endoscopes that significantly enhance diagnostic capabilities.

Kevin K. Dodd, MD is a gastroenterologist specializing in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the digestive system. He practices at Hudson Valley Gastroenterology in Kingston. For more than 10 years, he has been a visiting specialist at Margaretville Hospital. Dr. Dodd said that new equipment now being utilized at Margaretville provides unsurpassed imaging.

“We have brought in hi-definition Olympus endoscopes and companion monitoring equipment,” he explained. “These scopes provide us with the ability to change the wavelength of the light to better visualize the structures to see if they are abnormal.”

He continued, “This equipment gives us the ability to perform better exams of the intestinal tract with higher yields in finding abnormalities. It helps the physician pick up subtle irregularities that may have been missed without these technological advancements.

“It’s like watching a football game in high definition vs. regular TV and it allows us to do a better job,” Dr. Dodd added.

The physician said the new endoscopes have been in use at Margaretville Hospital for about two months and the equipment advancements are already having a noticeable impact.

“We are finding higher polyp detection rates already. It simply translates to doing a better job for our patients, primarily for preventing cancers. For colonoscopies, the new scopes have improved our adenoma (benign tumor) detection rate, which is now the gold standard in determining how good of a job we do.”

Dr. Dodd noted, “This equipment really brings us up to a level with the best that’s out there currently. It has added more knowledge for the endoscopists to be able to make better decisions during procedures,” he stated.

“We are extremely lucky, given that we are in a relatively rural community, that we are now offering this technology. You can’t beat it and it’s right in your backyard,” Dr. Dodd remarked.

Prevention is key
He reported that an increasing number of area residents are scheduling appointments for preventative measures such as colonoscopies. He credited local healthcare providers with encouraging their patients to take advantage of these screenings.

The physician said these procedures are recommended after age 50, but that less than half the population undergoes the screenings. If no problems are found, the patient can wait up to 10 years before having another screening. If a patient has risk factors for disease, or shows symptoms, subsequent procedures would be conducted more frequently.

Dr. Dodd said the new equipment — two for upper endoscopic procedures and two for colonoscopies — was purchased with grant funding. Duplicate sets of equipment make it possible to schedule procedures while one set of equipment is being sterilized. He said the hospital is considering the purchase of an additional scope in the near future.

Margaretville Hospital Executive Director Sandy Horan said the new equipment, along with the services provided by visiting specialists like Dr. Dodd continue to enhance the services provided locally.

“We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Kevin Dodd here performing GI studies. He has been able to increase his visits from once a month to three times a month which has been very convenient for our patients. We are also extremely proud of our new state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment and look forward to being here to provide this service to our community.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dodd at Margaretville Hospital, which is a member of HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley®, patients should call 331-8222.

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