New owner takes over Big Indian store

By Jay Braman Jr.
There’s a type of store usually called a “Mom and Pop” operation. One can buy milk there, and cigarettes too, and all sorts of goodies for the kids. Everyone knows the names of the owners, and they know the names of their customers. The hours are long and the work is hard, but so what. It’s theirs. It’s owned by Mom and Pop.

Now there’s a new store opening in Big Indian that expands on that a bit.
It could be called a “Mom and Pop and Daughter and Grandson” operation. A mouthful, true, but true nevertheless.

David and Lisa Schnack, along with their daughter Alicia and her son Dalton, have purchased Morra’s Market and renamed it the Big Indian Market and Deli.
The quartet, who have roots in the area but returned recently here after living in North Carolina, are not taking things slow.

They closed on the purchase of the property last week and are now doing major remodeling. And, they are planning a grand opening celebration for this Saturday.

On Monday, David and Alicia were busy at the store with the remodeling, Dalton was there as well, but being only two years old he was offering more moral support than labor.

“We recently gutted it,” Alicia said, “And we will be open for business after three tomorrow afternoon. Then we will have our grand opening on Saturday.”
Lisa was busy in Kingston getting items needed to transform the market into something a little different than what former owner Beatrice Morra had set up.

“I love Bea,” Alicia said. “She had a great place.”

Now the plan is to expand hours and to expand the grocery section and offer more on-premise cooking and, well, just more of everything.

“We’ll be open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.,” said Alicia, who notes that Dalton will be on hand a good deal of the time as well, ready to entertain customers. Call the store at 254-4649 for more information.