New Orphic Gallery opens in Roxbury

By Brian Sweeney
A new art gallery opening over Labor Day weekend will be the first of several businesses housed in the revamped Roxbury Corner Store complex.

The opening show at the Orphic Gallery will be an exhibition of photographs by Peter Stupar, a luminary in the world of rock-n-roll photography.

Mr. Stupar’s work has chronicled the illustrious history of live music in the San Francisco Bay Area capturing such milestones as The Band’s “Last Waltz” and the final performance of the Sex Pistols. His exceptional collection of photographs includes more than 7,500 pictures, among them iconic images from concerts by the Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Roxy Music and other luminaries from this medium.

Gallery hours on the opening weekend will be Saturday noon-5 p.m., open to public during Busk & Bard followed by opening from 6-8 p.m. Sunday noon-5 p.m.

Music-themed art
The Orphic Gallery will focus its exhibits exclusively on art with a relationship to music. Exhibits will feature items such as photographs, concert posters, musical instruments, portraits of musicians, souvenirs of musical events, specimens of musical technology, etc.

Business owner Phil Lenihan said the gallery is going to include a broad spectrum of items.
“All work shown at the gallery will have a certain connection to the world of music, and we will present exhibits based on both local music history and musical traditions from around the USA and abroad,” he explained.

Phil said that the Orphic Gallery will work closely with WIOX, Roxbury’s community radio station, and The Roxbury Arts Group, which has sponsored an array of artistic and musical events since its founding in 1977.

Opening later in September will be an installation from the Eight Track Museum from Dallas, TX — the world’s only museum dedicated to eight track tapes and related technology.
Phil indicated that this exhibit will serve as a prelude to the establishment in the Roxbury Corner Store of a permanent outpost of the Eight Track Museum in Dallas. Details on the museum’s opening in September and a grand celebration planned for mid-October will be forthcoming.
Phil is working on leasing space to an experienced local restaurateur for the opening of a café serving beer and wine in the space previously home to the Oasis.

In the remaining space of the building’s ground floor Phil will be operating retail shops in the complex, with an emphasis on creating an old-fashioned general store. He indicated that the store would offer dry goods and food products. The owner said the general store will be a combination of historic and modern and that regional products will be emphasized.

Phil purchased the property in November 2010 but put his renovation plans on hold when he was called away for a long duration due to a family medical emergency. Renovations are ongoing in sections of the large building at the intersection of Main and Bridge streets and will continue through the fall. The building also suffered extensive damage in the Irene flood that has been repaired with assistance from the CWC and MARK Project.

For additional information, please visit:, and the or call The Roxbury Corner Store at 607 326-6045.
For additional information, please visit:, and the or call 607 326-6045.